Jai Bharat! Jai Hindustan!

Marketplaceji is an online E-commerce Platform of Connecting Buying and Selling Links. The first amongst it’s type with 100% Indian Ownership & Investments and a Step towards our Contribution in an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” Ideaology. The More we connect here, the more we’ll be closer to become the “ATMANIRBHARTIYA” and we do not have to rely on foreign invested Websites.

We’re in a state of Financial War and to Win this, All Indians should start internal tradings so that local business is Pushed.

Marketplaceji is here with a vision grow with the nation with “Go Local !!Buy Local !!Sell Local !!” mindset and 100% Indian Ownership and Investments so that our earning remains with us.

We’re Launching with Automobiles, Real Estate, Job Portals and Household Items and plan to expand it in a state wherein every Indian can buy and sell almost any legitimate thing.